Hydrate & balance your skin with this sleek & relaxing any day treatment .

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Clarifying + Hydration Mask

Recommended application: Use as a daily application or a long-term treatment.

  • The perfect complement to our new French Green Clay Mask.
  • Our smooth liquid texture applies easily and evenly for maximum delivery of ingredients. 
  •   Rose Water + Apple Cider Vinegar work to exfoliate, tone and refresh your skin.
  • Lavender + Hyaluronic Acid serve to sooth & hydrate  leaving your skin soft and calm.
  • Use daily or whenever you feel like a facial pick me up.
  • Number of applications in a jar, 28 - 30 (Depending on amount used per application).

What's in Our Clarifying + Hydration Mask?

Rose Water

Contains vitamins A and C + antioxidants that can help prevent signs of aging. 

Hyaluronic Acid

Holds up to a 1000 times its weight in water. Helps hydrate & 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Helps to balance skin’s pH levels and prevent breakouts.

Aloe Leaf

Natural moisturizer that soothes and hydrates the skin 

Lavender Oil

Calming anti-bacterial helps improve overall texture of skin 

Radish Root

Contains vitamin C to help brighten and even out skin tone 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nikko G
Absolutely love it! And Last Long!

I’m Asian with sensitive skin and this product gives me a smooth natural looking skin unlike other Korean products that makes my face look like I have a clear glue on my face. This keeps my face not dry and not oily. Just perfect the way I want it!
You don’t need to apply much and it dries fast!
I sometimes follow it up with my regular light moisturizer and still gives me the same glow. But I suggest you use it by itself first after your cleanser and see the result!
I hope they never change the ingredients and keep it as it is!
Thank you!

Carrie Johnson
What a wonderful product!

I have been using the Apple Cider Vinegar Skin Gel for the last year and have loved the results. So I was excited to try the hydration mask. Let me tell you, I can't rave enough about this. I followed the instructions and applied it for 10 minutes and I kid you not, my skin felt the best it has in years. (And that's a lot of years because I'm 68 lol!) It was smooth and there was a definite softness to my skin. It spreads evenly (they include a spatula, nice touch!) and feels great going on. What I really liked was this mask did not have anywhere as strong a vinegar smell as the the skin Gel, it was more of a lavender. Lovely! The value for your dollar is amazing. I have been using it daily for almost a month and I'm only about half way through it. I can't recommend this enough. Great Mask!!